libsoni: A Python Toolbox for Sonifying Music Annotations and Feature Representations

libsoni is an open-source Python toolbox tailored for the sonification of music annotations and feature representations. By employing explicit and easy-to-understand sound synthesis techniques, libsoni offers functionalities for generating and triggering sound events, enabling the sonification of spectral, harmonic, tonal, melodic, and rhythmic aspects. Unlike existing software libraries focused on creative applications of sound generation, libsoni is designed to meet the specific needs of MIR researchers and educators. It aims to simplify the process of music exploration, promoting a more intuitive and efficient approach to data analysis by enabling users to interact with their data in acoustically meaningful ways. As a result, libsoni not only improves the analytical capabilities of music scientists but also opens up new avenues for innovative music analysis and discovery.

For installation instructions and educational Jupyter notebooks, see the GitHub repository.